Terms Of Service

Please note the use of our service icludes the following rules

LicensesBuy.com will be allowed to edit and change these rules at any time, and we will follow them, so the only reliable version is the latest edit of these rules, which is on our main site.

All services are delivered automatically after the user orders and pays the invoice, and only in some cases may it take up to 24 hours to confirm and deliver the order.

The reasons for the delay in approving and activating the licenses are:
  • 1. The names of the license registrant and the payer do not match.
  • 2. 2. The invoice was paid with a fraudulent credit card.
  • 3. Failure to provide the manufacturer with the requested IP license.

Account Ban and Termination
  • 1. Any change to the licensing system, including debugging and log saving.
  • 2. Making service access available to businesses and other individuals.
  • 3. Using a forged ID and account information.
  • 4. Spamming Support Center.
  • 5. Any illegal tampering with the license provider panel (only resellers).
Manufacturer: The company that provides the services is known as the manufacturer.

Refund Policy
  • 1. Refunds are available if our experts are unable to resolve any issues with the licensing system on your server.
  • 2. Refunds are not possible for downloaded or activated services.
  • 3. There are no refunds on credit deposits.


LB License systems are developed and designed to provide a better and more exclusive service. Our licensing system is private and hidden, and no one can detect or decompile it. Our system covers almost all the most important and required server plugins and software licenses.

Payment/Activation Terms of Service

Customers are required to renew their service before the due date. All services are renewed for 30 days. To pay the renewal cost, you have to use our official billing panel. If a license is not renewed after 30 days, the license status will be changed from "active" to "suspended". In the event that a license will not be renewed for 60 days after its status has changed to suspended, it will be terminated.